We started our prototype by establishing an off-the-grid community on Earth. We chose a place in South France, in a department named Ariège, that presents a certain number of convenient conditions enabling the bootstrap of such a life.

Raw resources available upon arrivalEdit

  • water (needs very little treatment to be convenient for drinking)
  • air (respirable without problems by humans)
  • wind (quite windy, potentially interesting for energy production)
  • valleys and mountains
  • cultivable terrains
  • wood (abundant)
  • stone (for construction)
  • animals (bears, birds, wild boars, goats)
  • plants

Immediate needsEdit

  • eat
  • drink
  • sleep
  • sanitation

A few days after installation:

  • health care
  • protection/shelter
  • transportation

Infrastructures and equipementEdit

  • 3D printers (RepRap)
  • batteries
  • recycling and waste treatment installations
  • shelters
  • storing spaces for: food, water, marijuana
  • energy production (and storage if possible) facilities